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Baking Powder / Prašak za pecivo 12g
Baking powder sachets..
Baklava with walnuts / Baklava sa orasima 400g
Frozen ready to eat baklava in syrup..
Blueberries / Borovnice 450g
Frozen blueberries..
Bourbon vanilla sugar / Burbon vanila šećer 8g
Chestnut puree / Kesten pire 250g
Sweetened chestnut puree with vanilla and rum aroma..
Chocolate fig strudel mini rolls / Štrudla čoko smokva 350g
Mini strudels with fruit filling and chocolate coating..
Chocolate powder / Čokolada u prahu 200g
Chocolate pudding / Čokolada puding 40g
Pudding powder..
Chocolate whipped cream / Šlag krem čokolada 65g
Whipped cream powder..
Cream cake / Krempita 350g
Frozen ready to cream cake..
Cream for cooking / Smetana za kuhanje 500g
20% fat..
Desiccated coconut / Kokos brašno 200g
Dolcela pudding chocolate / Dolcela puding čokolada 45g
Your favourite chocolate flavour pudding is ideal as a stand-alone dessert, but can be used as well ..
Dolcela pudding vanilla / Dolcela puding vanila 37g
Vanilla pudding, classic among puddings, is ideal as a stand alone dessert, but also can serve as a ..
Dolcela whipped topping Hit / Dolcela šlag Hit 42g - expiry date 25.02.
Cakes and fruit salads are impossible to imagine without this light whipped cream. It is excellent f..
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