Welcome to Magaza Home Delivery
Magaza home delivery is offering you speedy service to receive all your favourite food and drink items from across the Balkan region.

Current delivery information
Deliveries are all carried out during the weekdays, we currently do not offer any delivery for Saturday.

Orders placed before 1pm on a weekday will be sent out the same day for next weekday delivery if applicable. (for example, an order placed Wednesday before 1pm will be received on Thursday but an order placed before 1pm on a Friday will not be received by the following Monday or even Tuesday depending on the items bought, such a frozen products.

There is no minimum for your order just a £10 charge for delivery up to 15kg (50p per kilo anything above 15kg) and a £5 surcharge for any number of frozen items ordered which will be automatically added to your bill. The frozen surcharge covers the cost for packaging.

If there are any issues whilst your order is out for delivery please do not hesitate to get in touch with us between 9am and 3pm on 0208 746 0089 or via email at ademir@magaza-balkanfood.co.uk. Or if you wish you may get in touch with our couriers directly after receiving your booking and tracking information. However please keep in mind once the package has been dispatched, we have very limited influence over its journey to you.

Magaza Home Delivery

  • Ad Grozd
  • Aleva
  • Apieco
  • Argeta
  • Bakina Tajna
  • Bambi
  • Bonvita
  • Brajlovic
  • Cedevita
  • Doncafe
  • Droga Kolinska
  • Foodland
  • Fructal
  • Gavrilovic
  • Grand Kafa
  • Jami
  • Karolina
  • Klas
  • Knjaz Milos
  • Kras Mesara
  • Kraš
  • Mama's
  • Marbo
  • Medela
  • Milka
  • Minas
  • Mlekara Subotica
  • Natura
  • Paska Sirana
  • Perutnina Ptuj
  • Pionir
  • Pivka
  • Plivit Trade
  • Podravka
  • Posavac
  • Spektar
  • Stark
  • Takovo
  • Thomy
  • Vispak
  • Vitaminka
  • Yumis
  • Z'dezele
  • Zelene Doline